Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Fashion Post

So, I'm in the mood to write a post all about fashion, sooooooo, here goes!

The way this is going to work: I'll write and show a picture of something fashion related, then I'll tell you what I think.

A Polka Dotted Dress:

I really dislike this dress because I think it looks like a nightgown. Sorry Dress!

Another Polka Dotted Dress:

I really like this dress because it's just soooo my style. I like the bright blueness of it and the poofyness of it. I also really like the white belt.

Sneaker Comparison:

       Sneaker #1:                                            Sneaker #2:

Both of these sneakers are awesome. #1 is really purple and cool and kind of punkish.
While #2 is pink. with cheetah print. and black laces.  I would wear BOTH of these.

Tell me what you think of these dresses and shoes. Asta La Vista!


  1. I like that you apologized to the dress! Did you notice that the dress you like is just like M's bat mitzvah dress, except brighter blue? I like it too, and I like the sneakers...for you.

  2. i loved the dress you loved and am in love with the sneakers