Thursday, January 17, 2013

Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's A Winter Wonderland

It's A Winter Wonderland

I put together the background this set to make one feel winter. I carefully selected each picture and tried to really represent winter. Then I added four winter outfits. The "I Love My Pajamas" Outfit, featuring pajamas, glasses, and socks for a morning on the couch. The' Lets Lounge Around" Outfit featuring sweatpants, a comfy shirt, slippers, and a head band for when you change out of your pajamas because you feel its necessary, but aren't actually doing anything all day. The "Snow! Snow! Snow!" Outfit, featuring a down jacket, snow pants, snow boots, and mittens for all your favorite outdoor activities. And the "Winter Party" Outfit featuring a dress, tights, flats and a headband for all your holiday party needs.

And yes, sister, those are your pajamas in a different color with shorts instead of pants.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

This is something I'm trying out. I have a  Polyvore account and I just realized that I can sync it to my blog. Unfortunately, it will post everything I put up there. I don't want that to happen, so I figured out that I can delete the posts after they happen. This means that there might be random images up here for like two seconds, but then they will be deleted. Just warning you!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

It Doesn't Make Sense

The fact that nothing rhymes with orange came to my attention in kindergarten. My sister, the big, impressive fifth grader, teamed up with her friend to create a small book for a school project. The book was about us, the K-3 kindergarten class, discussing words that rhyme with orange. At the end of the book (which I remember being very long, but then again, I was five, so it was probably around 4 pages), my sister and her friend came into our classroom and shouted gleefully that nothing rhymed with orange. As uninformed kindergartners, we were awestruck by the incredible possibilities that there was a word that had no rhyme. But now, as a sixth grader, I question everything. It's an automatic reflex. "Why?" I ask.

Why does nothing rhyme with orange?

Sorry, let me rephrase that. I don't understand why people are obsessed with the fact that nothing rhymes with orange. So "orange" is a weird word with a weird sound, WHO CARES? There are plenty of other weird words. 

"Sorry." Nothing rhymes with sorry. At least, nothing I can think of. But WHY in the world would anyone dare to use "nothing rhymes with sorry" as a metaphor, a saying, or a decisive shout?

I agree, that would be weird.

I guess there's no reason for me to rant about this except to experience the joy of radically typing angry words into Blogger, then deleting them and typing them again.

Friday, November 30, 2012


At a press conference promoting her new watch collection, Ke$ha wore an interesting outfit(but I won't get into that), and an even more interesting piece of hand jewelry. I can say that the watch isn't horrific, but I have to restrain myself from even mentioning her eye makeup.

What even is it?! It's not a bracelet because it goes over her fingers, it's not a ring(or five) because it goes around her wrist. Maybe it's a torture device she has to wear until her songs leave the radio. Whatever it is, I think it was a bad idea. Not because it's weird(I mean, compared to the stuff she usually wears?), but because it takes away from the watch. If you look at the zoomed in picture, you're not paying attention to the watch, you're thinking what the heck is that thing on her hand, why are her nails like a messed up French manicure, and what happened to subtle eye shadow?!  You aren't thinking wow, what a beautiful watch. I need to go spend a lot of money so I can pay Ke$ha's bills. 

I just went to look up how much the watch costs and GUESS WHAT? I don't that watch is even part of her collection!!!! Like, seriously Ke$ha? YOU DON'T WEAR A WATCH TO YOUR WATCH PRESS CONFERENCE IF ITS NOT YOUR WATCH!!!!! 

And that hand jewelry still sucks.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Ready... Set... RED!

In my mind, every album has a color. Every color gives me a vibe. Thinking about the colors I have for Taylor Swift's albums, I realize that the colors I have are really similar to the colors of the cover album, but the feelings behind the colors are all me.

Taylor Swift: Light Blue/Turquoise and Light Green

Fearless: Yellow 

Speak Now: Purple

The Taylor Swift and Fearless colors give me a more raw feel, which I guess is the feel for the albums too. Speak Now is more polished. You would think Red would give me a red feel, but so far it's still kind of purple, like Speak Now. But, I DEFINITELY like it better then Speak Now.

Some of the songs resemble Speak Now, but I've also found a lot are extremely similar to Taylor Swift. Some, like Stay Stay Stay, even have a Fearless vibe. But each has their own little spark of Red. And that's what Taylor Swift is. She started out great and she just kept building on that. Building and changing slightly. Still keeping that Taylor quality.

I think Red was the perfect next step. It makes sense for where she is in her career. It isn't too pop. It isn't too country. It's her own special blend. 

Unbiasedly, I think it is a good album. If you like Taylor Swift for the most part in the past, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised that there are fun songs like We Are Never, but that isn't the whole album. If I was Ms. Swift, I would be proud to have this be my album, no matter how many million copies it sold.

Bowling Shoes: JSC

Today, I went bowling. Today, I sucked at bowling. Today, I discovered my new favorite shoes.

I think I was rocking them particularly well in my purple leggings and black graphic tee but it's impossible to not look good in them.
Am I really weird to want bowling shoes to wear normally? They are JUST SO CUTE. Can that be a new acronym? JSC? It stands for those pieces of clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, etc, that just make you smile. Plus, bowling shoes are GREAT for gettin' your snazzy dancing on. 

What do you guys think? Are you as attracted to bowling shoes as I am? If not, what's your JSC? Tell me in comments!