Friday, July 20, 2012

Dance Moms(The Whole Post-Sorry About Before!)

 A reality show I'm obsessed with(like 3-5 episodes a day obsessed!), Dance Moms first came into my view at the Madonna Inn in California. I'd heard my friends talking about it at school once or twice and assumed it was an American Idol-esque show where they teach moms to dance. Who on Earth would find that entertaining?!

When I went back to my room at the Madonna Inn I was channel-surfing. They didn't have Disney or any of my usual channels so I settled on Dance Moms. Lo and behold, Dance Moms was actually about the dance(stage) moms of the ages 7-13 dancers on Abby Lee Dance Company(ALDC's competition team. Abby Lee Miller is the dance teacher. Abby Lee Miller is the mean dance teacher. Abby Lee Miller is the meanest dance teacher ever to walk or dance the face of this earth. She's eviiiil!                                                       

On today's episodes: 

Christi(mother of Chloe and a two year old) had a breakdown at the studio.

Kelly(mother of Brooke and Paige) invited Leslie(mother of Peyton and only sometimes on the show) to her birthday party resulting in a cat fight and Christi kicking Leslie out of Kelly's house and then breaking down. Again.

Christi and Holly(mother of Nia) complained to Abby that the dance and costumes were inappropriate. 

Cathy(mother of Vivi and owner of ALDC's rivals Candy Apples) went back to her own studio.

Jill(mother of Kendall and ex-ALDC dance mom) became also an ex-Candy Apples dance mom.

And then there's Melissa(mother of Maddie and Mackenzie).

Oh, Dance Moms. 

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