Friday, May 7, 2010

Animal-shaped Rubber Bands

These things are awesome. Incase you don't know what these are, which would be strange, though if you don't live where I live it might not be strange, I don't know because I don't live where you live, probably.Anyway, they're these colored, animal-shaped (well actually there are other shapes like houses and band-like ones) rubber bands. Some smell, are glow-in-the-dark, are multicolored, and so on. But the cool thing is you wear them around your wrist, but when you take them off, they might get a little tangled, but you untangle them and they haven't changed shape. So basically you could them all the time and they won't come undone.

They are pretty much pointless, but everyone in my grade has them so we trade. It's really fun, like I went to school today with two dolphins, two penguins, two octopuses, two sharks, two sea horses, and two of something else. I traded a lot at school and came home with almost none of those.


  1. You had a loosely aquatic theme...

  2. I live in California, and I did not know what these were until my niece (who live in Philadelphia) brought some for my daughters when she visited us over spring break. I still haven't seen other kids out here wearing them.

    Great blog, E!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much!

  4. E my friend gave me some of those! nice blog!
    your cousin L

  5. and now all the girls i play with have them 2! they are really popular!

  6. its like the new thing!it got to my scool last week and now even 5th grade boys have them! sososo weird!oh and i have even more than 32 of them! now im scared of myself.