Friday, June 24, 2011


I forget what this post was supposed to be about. JK!!!!! (Just kidding, for all those older people!)

Alright, so I guess you can guess what today was! If you're really stupid and can't guess I'll just tell you today was THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL EVER!!!!! Well, not ever, but, until September! My school is getting torn down next year and I'll be going to a different school in our district and then middle school so this was my last day of school at the old building. I'm gonna give you a timeline of my day.

8:10 School starts. Our teacher explains the day and we all get out board games and stuff. Me and two of my friends, T and I, work on a big card for our teacher. We're having a surprise celebration for our teacher. I cut confetti and put in two plastic cups. Our school is having a celebration kind of thing at nine and parents are helping out so my mom and older sister are wandering the building. I get my mom to take my teacher out of the room for a few seconds and my whole class, except some of the boys, gather by the doorway. Me and I, each with a cup of confetti stand on either side of the doorway with T a few feet back holding the card. The rest of the class gathers around. When our teacher walked in we yelled surprise and threw the confetti on her! We were nice and cleaned it up afterward.

9:00 The whole school went out and surrounded the building. We all held hands and lots of pictures were taken and I, T, and me started cheers for our school! At the end we all ran and hugged the school.

9:30 When we got inside my whole grade went in the computer lab and watched Despicable Me!!!! It was awesome!

10:15 Recess then lunch.

11:10 Finished Despicable Me!!!! Cleaned our room. Played apples to apples!

12:45 Clapped 5th graders out the door!

1:00 Early release!!! Bell rang!! SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Awesome! Our last day was the 21st. Hope your having a good summer!
    ps See you at camp or hopefully and probably sooner!