Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oscar Fashion According to E

Sorry I didn't post in California, but I'm here to post about the Oscars. Well, more the red carpet, but here it is:

My Favorite Dress aka a 10:

An 8.6:

A 9.3:

I love Melissa Mccarthy, but this is a 2.3:

Why, you could ask, is Melissa Mccarthy a 2.3, not a 0. The answer is that I love the color and it's a color that looks great on her.

What are your thoughts on these dresses and what are your favorite and least favorites?


  1. Eva,

    I agree with you on almost all counts. I'm not as fond as you are of the color of Melissa McCarthy's dress. I'll add that I thought Meryl Streep looked pretty great in her gold number -- like an Oscar statuette! Excellent post.

    -- Robin, in Berkeley

  2. Hi Eva, I love your assessments of the Oscar dresses. I happen to love Gwyneth Paltrow's dress and would give it a 10. Totally agree with you on all of the rest.
    Aunt M

  3. I'm with you on all the dresses! I was surprised that there was some gossip site I read that didn't like Penelope's color. Do you think Melissa's dress looked better in person? Because I can't figure how she got out of the house looking like that. Wouldn't someone have told her when she was first trying dresses on? Wouldn't a friend or her husband or her stylist say, "Babe, you are fabulous and that dress does not do you justice."

    Ok, now do the guys!

  4. Hi eva
    I think your choices are good but gwenwth's should be a 10 and I Agree about mellissas color but the shape and style don't work
    Infanant X's and O's,