Saturday, March 24, 2012

THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lately, just like everyone else, I've been OBSESSED with the Hunger Games. If you don't you don't know what that is, JUST GOOGLE IT!!!! So, I read all three books in a week, chose my "team", and excitedly awaited the movie. Unfortunately, I couldn't convince my mom to take me to see it at midnight, but we're going today!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!

Here's some cool Hunger Games stuff:

What's Your Hunger Games Name?

What's Your Hunger Games District?

Team T-Shirts:
So I'm Lowmet B. Hopflower from District 8 and I'm Team Peeta. Sorry all those people who are like "we don't chose teams. Its comparing this book to Twilight and that's just mean" but I do chose teams; it's part of the fun! What's your name, district, and team? Tell me in comments!


  1. Lessitz S. Swimivy from District 7. And I refuse to pick a team because Katniss is a warrior heroine not a romance heroine! I had decided to be Team Beetee, but eventually I couldn't stomach how everything he did killed people. Oh wait, I'm Team Haymitch!

  2. Wait, did you get those links from me? or did you find them yourself? because I blogged about those exact same things... oh and if I had to chose then Team Peeta but yes, I am Team Haymitch. I decided that yesterday...

    Ravmet K. Sprintpine from District 11

  3. I read them in yours, but ignored them, then I saw them in a review for the movie, I clicked on them and decided to use them here.

  4. Enmet W. Jumplily from District 11!