Friday, April 27, 2012

Being Sick with Reality TV Part One

I got a concussion last week.

Now I'm sick.

My stomach hurts.

I've watched hours of reality TV.

Literally hours. I've watched Say Yes To The Dress, Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta, Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids, Chopped, Cupcake Wars, House Hunters, Wife Swap, Food Network Challenge and probably more. 

Say Yes To The Dress is a show about girls finding their dream wedding dresses. There's the finding the dress, alterations, fittings, and finally the wedding. Say Yes To The Dress is probably the show I've watched the most of since I started watching it a few weeks before the concussion. I like it a lot, but it gets boring! I mean seriously, how many different plot lines are there in a girl shopping for a wedding dress? There's the bringing too many people to help you choose, one controlling person, no idea what you want, and problems in fittings. Seriously, that's it! And yes, I still watch it and enjoy it!

Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta is the classic "Atlanta" version of Say Yes To The Dress. Oh, and the southern accents are INSANE!

Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids is like Say Yes To The Dress except they're shopping for BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES! I LOVE this show! It has the same basic plot lines as Say Yes To The Dress, but this show I LOVE, not "like it a lot"!

Chopped is a show on Food Network where it starts out with four chefs. In the first round they have twenty minutes to create an appetizer that must include the four items in a mystery basket. After the twenty minutes are up the judges critique them on taste, presentation, and creativity. The chef with the worst dish is "chopped". The remaining three chefs have thirty minutes to create an entree with a new four ingredients, then they are critiqued, one of them is chopped, two chefs remain. In the last round they have thirty minutes to create a dessert with a new mystery basket. In the end the judges look at all three courses to decide which chef will be chopped and which chef will win the competition, be a Chopped Champion, and win 10,000 dollars. WOW, I just sounded like an add for the show! My family has watched this show for a while and we really like it and it's probably the least dumb of all these reality TV shows.


  1. Ugh! Hope you feel better soon. Did you ever read any novels by Diana Wynne Jones? I love them, and think you probably would too - if you have a Kindle app on computer or iPad, send me an email at to give me the email address the Kindle is tied to and I'll send you one digitally to try... (or if that's too complicated tell your mom I said to get you "Witch Week"!).

  2. Robin (from Berkeley)April 27, 2012 at 11:27 AM

    Why is the bridesmaid dress show better than the bride dress show? Your review of Chopped made me very hungry.

  3. I don't why the bridesmaid dress show is better. I guess it's just more dramatic and there are more people to please.

  4. I'm with Jenny on the DWJ novels. I love all the Chrestomanci novels, but my favorite of hers is actually Howl's Moving Castle (different from, but related to, the Miyazaki movie, which is also good).