Thursday, August 16, 2012

E's Quotes... Taylor... 60s Outfit

"If I was in an 80s band, I'd wanna forget that period of my life." E on Madness in the Olympic Closing Ceremonies.

"It sounds like it should be a catchy pop song I like by some Swedish artist I've never heard of." E on...

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together is Taylor Swifts new single off her album Red which comes out on October 22!!!!!

My first thought was disgust. It's such a pop song and her album cover looks like this should be a more country album. Or at least heading in that direction. Instead this song sounds like a..."catchy pop song I like by some Swedish artist I've never heard of." I mean I still really like it(I've been listening to it on repeat all afternoon!) but she's been doing such grownup music with Both of Us, and this just doesn't seem Taylor-y. I'm still so excited and have lots of hope for her new album!
Today I'm wearing a kind of sixties-inspired outfit that I really like, so I thought I'd show you it.

PS:As you can tell, I'm back! I got back on Sunday, on Tuesday we went to Maine and just got back today, so I have an excuse!!

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  1. Ya,I don't really like her new song either.It's manageable,but it doesn't seem "Taylor-y",as you said.And I love that outfit!