Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm Back or What's Been Going On With Me

SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY!!!!!!! I'm really sorry I kinda abandoned my blog! I'm back now!
The last time I wrote was before SUMMER!!!!!!! Well, now I will tell you about everything that has happened since then!
It started with camp! I went to overnight camp. It's like a farm camp. With a lake, so swimming and boating, and a woods, so wilderness stuff! It's totally awesome! My older sister, M, goes there too! I had a TON of FUN and made a TON of FRIENDS!!!!! Did I mention it was in VERMONT!!!!!! SO MUCH FUN!!!
I was there for THREE WEEKS!!! When I got back I had like three more weeks till school. School started and I was crazy busy! I take violin, play soccer, and I was in a play! I just had my first performance like ten hours ago! It was only a show where schools came, but still, PRETTY COOL!!!!!!!!! We open for the public on Friday, aka, tomorrow!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!
Then of course, HALLOWEEN!!!!!! I was a Shirley Temple paper doll!! I got 129 pieces of CANDY!!! It was so much fun!!!
That's it! That's the MAJOR stuff that has happened since I last wrote. Oh, I just counted, and I used 95 capitol letters that weren't at the beginning of a sentence!


  1. Even though I knew all that, it still sounds like a lot written out together! And that's a lot of capital letters! You are an enthusiastic girl!

  2. Grammy said,
    FABULOUS! I am SOOO glad you are writing your blog. Can't wait to see the play

  3. Hurray for you and all you are doing. How's the violin playing going? Is it fun? What's the play and what's your role? Love to you, Aunt Max

  4. Wow! Fantastic! Keep on enjoying your life.

  5. Hi E I'm so glad you're posting again(although I'm not really anymore but I might start again)!
    Love L