Thursday, February 3, 2011

Taylor Swift's Not-So-New Album

OK, so, I forgot to talk about this to you when it was important, but here it is. . . TAYLOR SWIFT'S NEW ALBUM CAME OUT ON OCTOBER 25 2010!!!!! EEEEEH!!!!! I'M SCREAMING LIKE A GIRL!! OH WAIT, I AM A GIRL!!!! I'M SCREAMING LIKE THE GIRL I AM!!!!!
OK, so, in honor of Taylor  Swift I am going to post a Taylor Swift Video with one of her songs from her new album, Speak Now, for the next fourteen posts, 'cause thats how many songs on her album!!! I'm gonna go in order. Oh, and only two of them have a music video, so some of them might be like, I dunno,  live performance!!!

Here's the first one: Mine

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Love the new blog design, and your blog screaming, but 14 Taylor Swift videos? Really??

  2. Glad you are blogging again. Also I think I had missed some blogs of yours, so this was very interesting for me. I like your lay-out.

  3. YES MOMMY!!!!! Thanks Grammy!