Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Fool's Day. . . Not Really

OK, Friday was April Fool's Day and some BIG things happened. They don't really have anything to do with April Fool's Day, but it's still really BIG. So, first, I wake up and it SNOWING!!! On April first! So, then I get to school and half the power is out, which happens all the time. Then, in the middle of morning announcements, all the power in the school out!!!!  IT WAS SOOOOO SCARY!!!!! We only had a tiny bit of light because all the classrooms have windows! 
So, after that my teacher decides that we're gonna have read aloud. Meanwhile the heat isn't working so we're al freezing and have to get our coats, which are in our lockers in the pitch black hallway!!! It was SOOO DARK!!!!!  
In the middle of read aloud we find out that the problem is going to a little longer to fix and since they can't make us lunch and it's freezing and dark, they're calling parents and we're all going home. It turns out me and my friend M are getting picked up first!! We have a super long play date and have tons of fun!!!

Here's TS song number 12: Haunted



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  2. I went to a friends b-day party on the 1st where her mom served us mashed potatoes(vanilla ice cream)with cake for dessert!