Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Q and A with E's friend's: G

Ok, so I'm gonna start this new thing called Q and A with E's friends, where basically I interview my friends! Here's the first one! It's interviewing my friend G!

 PS: I'm gonna pretend I don't know her!

Q: What's your favorite color?
A: Black.

Q: Why do like black?
A: It's awesome!

Q: Do you often wear black?
A: Yeah.

Q: How often?
A: Everyday.

Q: Is most of your clothing black?
A: Yeah.

Q: What's your favorite book/movie/TV show?
A: Harry Potter.

Q: Why do you like Harry Potter?
A: 'Cause it's awesome!

Q: Any other reasons?
A: Why do you keep asking me these questions?

Q: Is there a connection between your love of black and your love of Harry Potter?
A: No comment. 

Q: Is there anything else you want to say?
A: Stay away from me and never come near me again. Leave or you'll live to regret it.

So, I'm gonna gooooooooo. I have a feeling I won't live to regret it!

Taylor Swift #13: Last Kiss!!!!


  1. Hey are you gonna interview meeeeeeeeeee?

  2. I love this idea of interviewing friends. Now I will know what your friends are like and what they are interested in. I like G. She seems very goth. I'm glad you are writing your blog again and I'm looking forward to reading more. Love, Aunt S

  3. L, you are NOT my friend! JK!