Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sorta A Week in Outfits

So I had this great idea to take a picture of what I wore each day and then post a blog post with a week in outfits. But I kinda slacked off, so really it's just a couple of outfits. I'll do what I did two posts ago, where I list what I'm wearing underneath the photo and I'll also try to tell you where I got it.

 Outfit One: Wednesday
A gray flowered cami. A blue ribbed Old Navy tank top. A mens Levi's shirt that I twisted into a dress. Black Old Navy leggings. I think this outfit could've been better.

Outfit Two: Thursday
A turquoise lace cami. A yellow plaid shirt. A brown braided Claire's belt. A red skirt. Striped 
littlemissmatched matching(it's complicated)knee socks. Blue Vans.

Outfit Three: Friday at School
A blue ribbed Old Navy tank top. A blue flowy tee shirt. A black and white striped skirt. My FAVORITE shoes EVER: Payless black sandal wedges.

Outfit Four: Friday at my Friend's House
A blue ribbed Old Navy tank top. An orange an white striped t-shirt. A brown braided Claire's belt. Purple Macy's skinny jeans. My FAVORITE shoes EVER: Payless black sandal wedges. A gold and blue necklace.

PS: In all these pictures I am wearing a purply-pink braided bracelet.