Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July Fashion

I know it's a little late, it's what? The 10th of July? But I still want to write this post about the 4th of July. My family went to see the fireworks and... it's a long story. But anyway, as we walked around and stuff me and my sister, M, commented about the fashion.

I didn't take a picture of what me or my sister wore so I'll describe our outfits.
Me: Jean shorts rolled up, a thick ribbed tank top that I thought was red but was actually pink(but I like that since it's kind of a play on red, white, and blue!), a blue and white gingham shirt(not like Dorothy, like BIG gingham) buttoned and tied, and my FAVE shoes(my Payless wedges!).
Mara: A red headband made out of a strip of fabric from her prom dress, a blue and white striped shirt, jean shorts and her neon blue and green Nike Frees. Other then the shoes she had one of the classic looks.

Another CLASSIC look is jean shorts and a red and white striped shirt. I also saw people in just red and white or just blue and white which I think is totally fine and a cool way of embracing the nautical look which is very American. I saw girls in dresses that were two out of three colors and an accessory that was the other color. A SUPER preppy shirt I saw was red and white stripes with a blue anchor!

My favorite look: A white lace shirt, a red tank top, and jean shorts.

What is your favorite 4th of July look? It can be what you wore, what you saw someone else wearing, a look you just dreamed up in your mind, etc. Tell me in comments below!

PS: My phone case came! This is a picture I found on the web, but it is my case!

PPS: Here's a really good book review my cousin wrote on her blog: http://teenbookshelf.blogspot.com/2012/07/twilight-i-know-i-know-twilight.html!

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  1. You and your sister had good outfits. Some people really overdid it.