Friday, November 30, 2012


At a press conference promoting her new watch collection, Ke$ha wore an interesting outfit(but I won't get into that), and an even more interesting piece of hand jewelry. I can say that the watch isn't horrific, but I have to restrain myself from even mentioning her eye makeup.

What even is it?! It's not a bracelet because it goes over her fingers, it's not a ring(or five) because it goes around her wrist. Maybe it's a torture device she has to wear until her songs leave the radio. Whatever it is, I think it was a bad idea. Not because it's weird(I mean, compared to the stuff she usually wears?), but because it takes away from the watch. If you look at the zoomed in picture, you're not paying attention to the watch, you're thinking what the heck is that thing on her hand, why are her nails like a messed up French manicure, and what happened to subtle eye shadow?!  You aren't thinking wow, what a beautiful watch. I need to go spend a lot of money so I can pay Ke$ha's bills. 

I just went to look up how much the watch costs and GUESS WHAT? I don't that watch is even part of her collection!!!! Like, seriously Ke$ha? YOU DON'T WEAR A WATCH TO YOUR WATCH PRESS CONFERENCE IF ITS NOT YOUR WATCH!!!!! 

And that hand jewelry still sucks.

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