Friday, November 23, 2012

Ready... Set... RED!

In my mind, every album has a color. Every color gives me a vibe. Thinking about the colors I have for Taylor Swift's albums, I realize that the colors I have are really similar to the colors of the cover album, but the feelings behind the colors are all me.

Taylor Swift: Light Blue/Turquoise and Light Green

Fearless: Yellow 

Speak Now: Purple

The Taylor Swift and Fearless colors give me a more raw feel, which I guess is the feel for the albums too. Speak Now is more polished. You would think Red would give me a red feel, but so far it's still kind of purple, like Speak Now. But, I DEFINITELY like it better then Speak Now.

Some of the songs resemble Speak Now, but I've also found a lot are extremely similar to Taylor Swift. Some, like Stay Stay Stay, even have a Fearless vibe. But each has their own little spark of Red. And that's what Taylor Swift is. She started out great and she just kept building on that. Building and changing slightly. Still keeping that Taylor quality.

I think Red was the perfect next step. It makes sense for where she is in her career. It isn't too pop. It isn't too country. It's her own special blend. 

Unbiasedly, I think it is a good album. If you like Taylor Swift for the most part in the past, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised that there are fun songs like We Are Never, but that isn't the whole album. If I was Ms. Swift, I would be proud to have this be my album, no matter how many million copies it sold.

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