Thursday, February 3, 2011


Have you ever heard of THE DARING BOOK FOR GIRLS?

Have you ever heard of

If you haven't, they're books with stuff to do. And stuff to know. And stuff to say. Well, anyway, in the Daring Book for Girls the page on boys is like, you can be friends with them and hang out with them without like, dating them.
In Dangerous Book for Boys the page on girls is all about how to *woo*
them and stuff! SOOO STUPID!!!!!! I am feeling very upset right now, I should go.
Comments? Tell me and my other readers your opinion on this matter!
Thanks, E!

*woo? is that how you spell it?*


  1. I completely agree! Awesome post.

  2. I took a picture of two books at TJMaxx around the holidays this December - I was appalled and knew I wante to document it:
    The picture was of two books next to each other:
    "the Girls Book of Glamour - A guide to being a goddess" and The Boys' Book of Greatness - Even more ways to be the best at everything.

    I really hope that they were jokes but it got me pretty upset too.

    I think your blog post is terrific thanks.

  3. Ok now that you erased my last comment accidentally. I think that that is very silly. Both girls and boys should know that they are able to just be friends or "woo" and go out with each other. They should get basically the same information. Great post!!!!!!!

  4. Well, Ben has read both books (they both have valuable information as he explained). He's always had many girl "friends", but now that he's getting older, I'm noticing a few things that could be interpreted as selected "wooing". Maybe in the end, it's just all natural instinct?