Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Comfy Chaises and Failed Attempts

Hello readers. This is my second installment of E in Paris. Anyway, try to enjoy the incredible jealousy you get by reading about my amazing adventures in Paris.

PS: If there's anything else you want to know about my adventures in Paris, comment on any of my Paris posts with what you want to know like what food I ate or something and I'll add it to my daily posts.

Day: Wednesday, July 6th
French Word of the Day: Chaise
Translation: Chair
What I Did in Order: Woke up at 10:00 am. Headed out. Ate crepe. Went to crypte under Notre Dame. Went to Pompidou museum. Ate lunch at a place with very comfy chaises. Went to the Eiffel tower. Stood in line. Realized we did not have enough time. Left. Bought G and my sister postcards. Got on the metro. Wrote postcards. Got back to hotel. Showered and dressed for dinner. Ate dinner at place with more comfy chaises. Came home. Wrote this.
Favorite Thing Today: Sitting in all the comfy chaises. The place we had dinner was small and had three different kinds of chaises.
What I Learned Today: France has really comfy chaises.
What I'm Looking Forward to Tomorrow: Going to Gaverni, where Monet did the paintings of the waterlilies.


  1. the eifel tower is awesome to go up!u can c so much -a friend of liana(ps she calls me "e" in her blog)

  2. I would like to know what you ate! I hear you wouldn't eat escargot if Daddy paid you $100. Glad you had some many comfy chaises; sorry you didn't make it up the ET.

  3. Funny, I thought the word of the day would be escargot or crepe before I read your post. I challenge you to eat an escargot crepe. Love, Aunt S.

  4. Oh, I am so jealous E! And so enjoying your excellent accounts. I would like to hear about anything you see that makes you laugh.

  5. Other E: have you been to Paris?
    Mommy: Do you want to know everything I ate?
    Aunt S: First of all, I decline your challenge, second of all, I don't think they make escargot crepes.
    Kelly Ferry: I will add, One (or two) Things That Made Me Laugh, to my future posts.

    So long everyone, I'm going to Giverny!

  6. Sure! But you know I especially want to know what new things you've tried.

  7. Alright, starting today, One (or two) Things That Made Me Laugh and Everything I Ate, will be added to my posts.

  8. What a great blog! I want to know the interesting clothes that people are wearing in Paris (but mostly I am glad you're having fun even if you don't eat the escargots! Kathy (Nora, Jenna and Danny's mom)

  9. Ok, I am also adding, The Fashion, to my following posts.

  10. Having fun reading your blog o' Paris. Funny about the chaises! Boy did you do/see a lot!