Monday, July 4, 2011

Setup For Following Posts

What's up readers?! Today is the Fourth of July but I'm doing something a little unusual. I'm going to Paris, France! For five days. I'm going to try to blog everyday. I'm gonna use the same format each day. Even though I'm not in Paris yet I'm going to give an example today. Here it is:

Day: Monday, July 4th
French Word of the Day: glace
Translation: ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!
What I Did in Order: Played on the computer, Wrote my friend G a letter, Played guitar, Packed, Got glace, Wrote this post.
Favorite Thing Today: Writing G a letter. My cat wrote her cat a letter on the back. It was AWESOME!!!
What I Learned Today: The magazine, The New Yorker, has very interesting covers.
What I'm Looking Forward to Tomorrow: Being in Paris!

I have to go to Paris, so bye!


  1. Great post. I hope you do manage to blog in Paris, because this will both let me know what you're up to and make me feel like I got to put you to bed. I love you and I miss you already. Bye!

  2. Awesome! Glace tastes good.

  3. I know, I looooooove glace.