Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First Day in Paris

Day: Tuesday, July 5th
French Word of the Day: fatigue
Translation: tired
What I Did in Order: Got off the plane, Went to hotel to drop off bags and eat breakfast, Walked to a park, Played in an AWESOME playground, Went back to the hotel, Took a three-hour nap in our room because I was fatigue, Walked around, Wrote this post, Will go to dinner.
Favorite Thing Today: Playing in the playground. It was an awesome playground. It had zip line rope swings and an Eiffel Tower rope climbing thing.
What I Learned Today: The Jardin du Luxembourg playground is really cool.
What I'm Looking Forward to Tomorrow: Whatever we do, we haven't figured it out yet, just not too many museums.


  1. Bon jour, Eva. Your posts are lots of fun to read. I can hear you thinking or saying what you are writing. I hope you had lots of delicious glace and are not too fatigued.
    Aunt M

  2. When you were three, you and M loved that playground and we went there every day! But you weren't quite big enough to enjoy the fun stuff, so I'm glad you can now. I hope you get a good night's sleep, so tomorrow you are not so fatigue.

  3. That sounds so fun! Wish I was there!

  4. Will you please go to at least a couple of museums for me because I am not there with you and can't go myself? Some of the best museums in the whole world are in Paris! Well, even if you declare a moratorium on museums then you will be less fatigue and you can play, eat yummy food, people watch and enjoy the great company of your dad and grandpa. Enjoy the trip! Love, Aunt S

  5. Aunt M: I did have some DELICIOUS soft serve glace today.
    Mommy: Actually I was up until 4 last night, but then I slept 'till ten.
    L: Hate to be kind of mean, but, you do wish you were here; it's awesome!
    Aunt S: I did go to a museum today and it was pretty cool. It was the Pompidou and when I was three i practically destroyed the gift shop.

    Au revoir everyone!

  6. oh!!!i toatlly ♡ that play ground its so fun!!!! -a friend of liana

  7. have you been to Paris?!


  9. Hey, you know my aunt, and i met you at a bat mitzvah, and i like your bloggy thing. :) ok, bye!