Friday, July 8, 2011

Les Course and Plaid

Bonsoir readers! That means good evening, which it is here. Here's the post:

Day: Friday, July 8th
French Word of the Day: Course 
Translation: SHOPPING!!!
What I Did in Order: Woke up. Went downstairs for breakfast. Ate breakfast. Changed. Went to a museum called The Orangerie. Looked at Monet paintings. Left. Ate lunch. Went Course. Went back to the hotel. Hung out. Bought something for my mom. Went to dinner. Came home. Started writing this post. Went out and got chocolate. Wrote the rest of this post.
One (or two) Funny Things I Saw: A shirt with english on it that didn't make any sense. 
The Fashion: Lot's of Converse's on all ages. My clothes, which are AWESOME!!!!
Favorite Thing Today: Shopping! I got myself four items of clothing, three of which are plaid. Then I got my sister something.
What I Learned Today: How to count to ten in French!
What I'm Looking Forward to Tomorrow: Sleep in if my dad let's me and go to the Jarden De Luxembourg Playground.


  1. But how do you say plaid in French?

  2. WOW that sounds so awesome! Wish I was there!

  3. i love hightops!!!!!! -other e

  4. you say plaid in french like this: plaid.
    other e: i hav probably met u but i hope we meet again

  5. Maybe E and other E will meet each other again this summer! I can't believe you're already coming back! See you soon.
    Your awesome cuz

  6. C U SOON!!!! R U READY 4 CAMP????!!!!